Cover Reveal


Here it is! The cover for my book, WOMAN ENOUGH:




Let me tell you about this gorgeous artwork created by Pamela G. Waller, my aunt.

I will have a proper WOMAN ENOUGH profile on Aunt Pam in a week or two, but let me just share this beautiful cover with you first (sigh). I’m so in love with it.

A few months ago, I decided it was time to self-publish. When I asked my aunt if she would want to do the cover art, I didn’t know it would come out looking better than I ever dreamed. As soon as she said she would, I KNEW this was the way to go. We spent months emailing back and forth about it. She had several beautiful paintings that worked, but it was this face we kept going back to. Without even reading the book, only the summary, she was able to channel what I was looking for to represent my main character, Rebecca. It has been the easiest and most-fun collaborations of my life. My Aunt Pam rocks.

I’m fully aware it’s uncommon or rather amateurish to have it say “By” and then the author’s name. This is another perk to self-publishing. I can do it my way. Since I was a little girl, that’s how I always imagined my first book would look. This is my way of paying homage to that little girl’s dream. So it stayed.

I sent it over to Wellington artist James Ford and he came up with THE COOLEST text design for it. I am so thrilled, and I couldn’t keep this a secret any longer!

I’ll share the back cover with you when I feature my aunt on the website. But for now… let’s celebrate!

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