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The Grace Notes

Many, many years ago, my aunt Pam and I performed a duet on the piano at a family reunion. We named ourselves The Grace Notes after our shared middle names. From then on, it has been an affectionate closing in emails between us.

Nearly 30 years later, we’ve collaborated again on WOMAN ENOUGH, with her artwork as the cover on the book. When I decided to self-publish, I knew I would be met with many challenges. After years of encouraging rejections (agents were quite considerate with their feedback), and with the empowering story of WOMAN ENOUGH as inspiration to keep going, I decided to do just that. Keep going.

There were days where I had to practice my best self-care as the doubt piled up. I’m not a great writer. No one wants to read what I have to say. I’m a nobody. There’s nothing of value in my words. 

I was so mean to myself!

I allowed that sort of talk for a bit and wallowed in my mallow puffs, but then woke up the next day motivated to keep going. There was one word kept me afloat: Grace. I would move smoothly alongside my fear, acknowledge the struggle ahead, but I would not allow it to take over. Elizabeth Gilbert’s book, Big Magic, helped enforce this philosophy and I highly recommend all creative people read it.


A reader from Russia at a book signing

I have had no expectations with my book, except to do the work everyday; hearing and seeing all that comes before me as a lesson bigger than my being. Grace.

Big ideas have unfolded and Grace Note Literary, Ltd has been born.

There’s really no other name it could be.

With a goal of being part of the publishing journey for women and empowering underrepresented writers as they pursue their creative goals, Grace Note Literary hopes to help with editing, proofreading, consultancy- you name it.

It’s early stages and there’s a lot of layers to sort through, but we are happy WOMAN ENOUGH will be our first publication. Check out the ordering page on how to buy it (with a portion of proceeds to The Pōneke Aunties via Te Whare Tiaki Wahine Refuge, if you so desire), and read about our privacy policy. My website is undergoing some big changes, so excuse any information interruptions while it gets sorted. Exciting times! Thank you for being part of it.


A woman-owned company. Mine!


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