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Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

As a young girl, I loved the lead-up to Christmas more than the actual day of opening gifts. Sure, I appreciated that our family of five was forced to spend at least an hour or two together on the day to see what Santa brought, but the joy I received each year came from performing in a Christmas show called “Yuletide Revelry.” It became a tradition, performing in three or four of them during my youth.


Me as Jane Winters, a child star in 1989 Yuletide Revelry

My first “Yuletide” show was when I was eight. I had a small part but was embraced by the rest of the adult cast who make up some of my favourite Christmas memories. We’d shuffle about on stage dancing in flashy festive costumes, maybe exchange dialogue between the lead actors here and there, but it was mostly a show full of the classic tunes heard on the radio. Every year the show would end with “Let There Be Peace On Earth.”

Thanks to those shows, I remember all of the words (and even harmonies!) to Christmas carols today. Even living so far away from loved ones in an opposite hemisphere, whenever I hear those songs, I can return to the love from the season that is found no matter where I am.

Happy Holidays to you!

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