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Power Struggles


Tasman Sea

Power struggles.
Have you noticed they’re everywhere? Personally, professionally, socially. Take a look around.
I like to think of my 6yo, who doesn’t know how to navigate the enormity of his power yet, so often needs guidance on where to place his power & when to just hold onto it, & when not to take someone else’s power. Big lessons I didn’t learn until my 20s.
When lives are shifting, people sorting through their own uncertainties, there’s a tendency to become afraid. Usually it’s that fear that makes you grasp for another person’s power. Thus, a power struggle.
Many years ago, I was like my child. I had to first recognise my own power. To be ok with it. It’s mine & mine alone. No one can take it. They can try, & many do, but my power is mine. Then I had to recognise when someone was trying to take it from me. The ‘why’ was not my business, it was theirs to figure out. It was only my job to hold onto my own. Third lesson was figuring out how could I still connect with someone without giving away my power. It’s a constant balancing act.
Accepting that I am not in control of any of *this* has given me freedom = my power.
Once you find freedom, there’s no need to struggle.

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