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Woman Enough: Myra Flynn

My book is available as an ebook (Woman Enough– paperbacks coming soon!) but I decided to continue to interview some women who I believe are some of the bravest, and who deserve to have their stories shared. I want to celebrate women. Nothing more, nothing less. Here they are in their own words. I am humbled and grateful to have a small snapshot into their worlds.


At Myra Flynn’s first album release party 2009 Myra, my husband on guitar, & me

Myra Flynn and I used to live in the same apartment building in Burlington, Vermont. I didn’t know she was a singer. The first time I saw Myra perform, she was able to pull the love and suffering out from the depths of my being with the sound of her voice. I was hooked instantly. Of course, a year later I had to have her play at my wedding reception. Soon after, my husband and I were honoured to spend a year performing with her at various gigs in Vermont and New York City. Myra is one of the hardest working artists I’ve ever known and has indirectly motivated me to pursue my own dream to become a published author. Now, based out of Los Angeles, Myra has released a new album (link below) and continues to tour the West and East Coasts. If you haven’t heard her music already, don’t wait any longer! Just be prepared to embrace the badass person you’ve always wanted to be. -Lissa

Myra Flynn

Myra Flynn photo by Jack Rowell

Name: Myra Flynn

Please share whatever you would like us to know about yourself:

I’m a musician (singer and pianist) a jewelry maker, a wine lover, a wife and a teacher.

Looking back on your life thus far, what has been your biggest accomplishment (or several)? 

What a huge question! I think if you’d asked me in my early 20’s, I would have thought this question pertained to my career life only. Because the life and success of my career defined me completely. These days I think the new family I have with my husband, and the continuous relationships I have with two cancer-surviving parents, also teaching others how to be their best musical selves-these things really fill my cup up now.

What makes you happy?

Singing a song I wrote, where I actually managed to wrangle all going on inside of me and articulate it well, that’s the sweet spot in life. Writing and singing my own music is the closest thing I’ve ever felt to complete self awareness.


What’s something/a time you look back on & wish you would’ve done it differently, if any?

I’d say in general I wish I’d figured out how to balance a personal life and a work one earlier. With all the travel and brave-face and thick skin I have to deal with daily the best I could do was compartmentalize others by categories of expectations. Mainly, what they expected of me. It’s taken a while to learn that even if I’m a bedraggled road warrior, I can make the extra effort to spend time with the people in my life. I also have the space to disappoint them without losing them. And that even though THEY are not traveling and out of touch to me,  I can have expectations of their friendship too.

Has there been any significant moment in your life that has altered your path/your being/your calling?

No, it was a slow progression, this music thing 🙂

What makes you sad, & how do you deal with that sorrow? 

Sometimes I feel like so much makes me sad. I am highly sensitive in that way. Mostly, when people I care about are sad, it makes me most sad. I’ve always joked that “thank God I have music or I’m not sure how I’d deal with the world. ” Turns out that’s not a joke. I write them songs sometimes or try to be of help in ways they need. Turns out sorrow is contagious so it’s a fine line at times.

What is one of your mom’s traits that you admire(d)?

My mother is just fierce in every single way. I admire her loyalty and resilience.

When you think of your grandmother(s), what comes to mind?

My grandmother Myra. She was a kindred spirit and I miss her everyday. Especially her smell. Every package she ever sent us smelled just like her even from far away.


What time in your life do you feel was the most challenging?

Likely my middle school years. That’s why I love teaching music to middle schoolers now, because I remember so vividly needing so much communication that was not given to me at the time. I felt incredibly misunderstood even though I didn’t understand myself yet, and I was working with a record label that highly sexualized me at a young age, thus shaping my own mirror in music for years to come. None of my peers were going through that particular challenge at the time and I was an only child with no one to commiserate with. I felt pretty alone. Those are some savage years, I think.

Last but not least, how do you see yourself, & how do you want others to see you? 

I see my self as a very truthful, genuine, big-hearted, emotion-wrangler and I hope others see me that way too. Conversationally, musically or in my friendship/partnerships, I live in the deep and cavernous places. I’d like to think that my friends and family know that spending time with Myra usually means digging for gems in one way or another 🙂

Please post any links below to your work or causes you’re passionate about. 


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