I found this free write on my phone from 21 November 2016. It was after Wellington had a significant earthquake followed by aftershocks. November was a poo month. I was (and still am) quite concerned about the US election outcome. That, on top of the quakes, and then end of year pondering about strained relationships, prompted this little note. I like it.


The earth shifts, plates slip, easing tension held onto for so long. It can’t take it anymore. It had enough.
So it bursts
And that’s scary as hell because what does this mean
What’s next
What will the next one be like- will it be smaller or larger or catastrophic
Will that be the end of us
Will we be able to survive without our basic comforts
Will we have to struggle
Will we have to ration
Will our foundation remain in tact
Or will that truly be the end
Or maybe it’s just made way for something more beautiful to arrive
Maybe this is where regrowth starts
In the midst of devastation, perhaps there is a revolution
A new awakening
Larger stronger lighter heavier
Maybe it’s a rebirth
Of something we only imagined possible
But that doesn’t mean the aftershocks are gone or that they have worn off
It’s the opposite
Instead we welcome each new wave
No matter how unpleasant in the moment
We embrace the uncertainty
And accept that we really aren’t in control in the first place
But that doesn’t stop us from preparing, loving, or living
Because in the end we’re all going to find our way back to the beginning
In the light

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